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KeepTrack is a litle program that removes route info from GPX files.


Why, You just import the Track after a GPX import in TomTom MyDrive. No need to delete the route anymore.


I use MyRoute App to create my routes. When I download the GPX 1.1 file always contains a route an a track. Personally I only want to use the track so I created this program to remove the route.


How to use it.

Open the program and click "Open GPX source" Select the GPX files you want to process and click Open.


Select Backup if you like a Backup of the original GPX as .bck file. (just rename to .gpx to restore)


Click "Remove Route from GPX" to remove the route info from your GPX files.


How to install the program?

First download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019. With the button below. Then download the KeepTrack.ZIP  zipfile and extract it. You can now click on the KeepTrack.EXE file to start the program.

With both the zip file and KeepTrack.EXE you can get security warning's the files are not commonly used. This is because this project is new. So to use it you have to ignore this warning. 

I advice you to scan the .exe with anti-virus software in case my website gets hacked.



Update New download location V0.4 (28 nov 2020)



Comments on this text. Please send the improved version to roadrider@caiway.net

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