Send ITN Route 

SendITNRoute is a small program to send a route to your TomTom PND.




Track are a great way to drive a beautiful round trip.  But when a stop on a side-road and the same side-road is used in reverse order to continue the track there is a chance the track import mechanism skips this stop.


One way to solve this is split your track in multiple tracks from stop to stop.

The other solution is use routes.  A route will send you to every stop on your route.

So a route will be the best cchoice when you like to visit for example multiple Castles.


Sadly TomTom MyDrive converts every downloaded Route to a track before sending it to your device. When you create a route in MyDrive you can send the destination to your TomTom PND but is not possible to import a route file.

This program reads a route file and sends the waypoint to MyDrive like the  Send Destination option in MyDrive


How to install the program?

First download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019. With the button below. Then download the SendITNRoute zipfile and extract it. You can now click on the SendITNRoute.EXE  file to start the program.


With both the zip file and SendITNRoute.EXE  you can get security warning's the files are not commonly used. This is because this project is new. So to use it you have to ignore this warning. 

I advice you to scan the .exe with anti-virus software in case my website gets hacked.


How to use the program?

Click on the SendITNRoute.EXE  file to start the program. Click on (1)“Open ITN/GPX source” to select the GPX file containing the track.


Note: Currently MyDrive Support a maximum of 21 WayPionts in your route.


Select the correct route with combo-box (2) (only for GPX files containing multiple routes)

Enter your MyDrive Username at (3)

Enter your MyDrive Password at (4)

Use Save (5) to save your Username and Password for the next time you use this program

Last click (6)Send Route to MyDrive” to send the route to your device using MyDrive.

Check the information Window (7) to see if there are any errors.


Short after sending the route you will receive a message  “You have received a new destination” on your TomTom PND.

You can use the route. If you like to save the route or change the route preferences follow the steps below on your TomTom PND.


Open the Main Menu


Select Current Route menu


Select Add to My Routes” to save the route in  your “My Routes list.

Select Change Route Typeto change the type of route used to plan your route. Your route will be recalculated using the new route type.

Types of route Select Change Route Type to change the type of route planned to your current destination. Your route is recalculated using the new route type. You can select the following types of route:

Fastest route - the fastest route to your destination. Your route is constantly checked taking into account the traffic conditions.

Shortest route - the shortest route to your destination. This may take much longer than the fastest route. Most eco-friendly route - the most fuel-efficient route.

Avoid motorways - this type of route avoids all motorways.

Winding route - the route with the most turns.

Select Avoid Toll Roads and More to set avoiding features on a route You can choose to avoid some features that are on your currently planned route. You can avoid the following route features:  Toll Roads,  Ferries and car shuttle trains,  Carpool Lanes,  Unpaved Roads


The  Current Route menu has more functions. See the TomTom manual for more information.



Update New download location V0.3 (28 nov 2020)


New Version V

Now its also possible to drop files on the App Window to load the route file.

Its also possible to drop a file on the executable load the route file even if the app is already opened. When the app isn't running dropping a file on the executable will start the app and load the route. You can also use this for loading Files with Run As in Windows.



Why Windows X64 Only?

The JUCE framework also supports Linux, Mac, Android and IOS.


The Android version still needs a lot of work.


The Mac is availible but it is experimantal. For a proper release I need an Apple developer account costing $99,- dollar/Year. Also for iOS I need this pple developer account.

You can download the experimental Mac dmg. When you open the .app you get a warning "it is from an unidentified developer" . Click Open to ignore this warning.


Why is there a small JUCE popup when I start the program? The program is created with Roli’s Juce framework. This popup is part of the free license.

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